We like books. We like people more. Our business is about people - authors and readers. We are interested in fiction and only fiction. We are looking for people who are good liars on paper, not in person.

We have diverse interests within the field of fiction. We desire quality literary fiction, popular fiction, historical fiction, humor, nostalgic fiction as well as stories of mystery and intrigue. We accept near-science Sci Fi or light Sci Fi which is close to our current state-of-the-art in technology and requires only a slight leap of faith to be believable by VPP's average intended reader. While an occasional ghost or extrasensory experience is great, especially when used in a humorous situation, classic Sci Fi and fantasy are beyond our realm of interest.

VPP publishes fiction for teenagers of all ages! An open mind to see literature as art is helpful. While we eschew gratuitous profanity and sex, some of our books may be a bit risque for children. Romance novels belong with another publisher. Therefore, we recommend all of our readers be at least sixteen and under the age of eight hundred. Sorry, children's books are currently outside our scope.

We require that all manuscripts of any genre be technically accurate or at least technically feasible. We are more tolerant of typos than technical errors. We expect the use of proper grammar unless the abuse is intentional in order to tell the story. Colloquialisms are welcome - even encouraged. We believe it is far better to violate linguistic conventions because  they are somewhat transient than to be a fugitive from natural laws. If you have any doubts about your technical accuracy, find someone qualified to advise you before you submit your query to us.

Thank you for indulging our literary quirks. We  have no interest in being literary police; we are trying to limit ourselves to areas where we think we have some qualifications. We knew you'd understand!