Notice: Submissions are closed till further notice.

Only digital submissions are accepted. All submissions are to be emailed to Those itsy bitsy electrons are way faster than the mailman or even UPS and FedEx overnight services. Besides, they are cheaper and no one has to be on site to receive them. They are also lighter and take up less space than paper. They are even lighter than air if you can believe that.

Start by sending us a two page query in Microsoft Word. You've heard some thing like that from other publishers haven't you?

The first page should tell us about the book. Include your opening paragraph. Tell about the principal character(s) including the obstacles to be over come. Provide a synopsis. Finish by providing the last paragraph. We count liberally so if the first spills into a second first page we'll understand; we'll read anyway it if it is good. Just don't think one page can become three; even we will notice that and possibly discard the whole thing. That would be a shame. The second inviolate page should be divided into four ~ equal parts. (Aren't tildes the neatest? Why aren't there more of them or other fun symbols on the keyboard? Who designed the darned thing anyway?) Each section has a purpose.

The first, must tell us why people are going to want your book more than they want their hard -earned money. Other than the fact that you wrote it and you are the best writer ever. We sincerely hope that is true. You understand they are going to have to pay for it to get it unless you or someone else gives it to them as a present? 

Second, sneak in the genre into which you believe your work  falls .  Name some similar books. Which ones have you read? Tell us how yours is different. What makes it stand out from previous efforts. What is unique about your book?

Third, give a few  highlights of your marketing plan including your target audience and how much time you can realistically devote to marketing your book. Yes, we grant that your Mother, Father and other immediate family members have a high probability of buying a copy. Will they subsequently read it? Who will buy the other nine hundred and ninety odd first run copies? Those are the people you must impress.

Last, share some information about you - the author. What will the reader find special about you. What will made the reader want to invite you into their house and their life? Why are you the most qualified person in the world to tell the story you are so proud of?

How long will you have to wait for an answer to your query? It depends on a variety of things. Time of year - is the beach calling or the ski slopes. How the babies are doing. Number of submissions ahead of yours. Ongoing publishing events. Despite all those potential interruptions, you should hear back within six weeks. If you have not heard anything in six weeks drop us an email as a gentle nudge to review your submission.

Formatting is to follow these rules:

  1. Use American English or Southern only so that we may be able to read it
  2. One inch margins on all four sides
  3. Times New Roman as the normal font
  4. 12 point font size
  5. Use tab key as opposed to moving over with the space bar
  6. Tab is to be set to 0.4 inches
  7. One side only
  8. One column format
  9. Each chapter starts on a new page, insert page breaks at the ends of chapters to accomplish this
  10. Use bold and italics only in accordance with a recognized writing convention. Read that as a college writing guide. Try the one preferred by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill or Clemson

If your query is successful, you will be invited to submit your manuscript. It must be in Microsoft Word. No, Bill Gates does not have enough money! Nor do I. That's not up for discussion.

Notice: Submissions are closed till further notice.