The first book we've brought to market is Williams Lake Was Once The Center Of The Universe. It is unique in that it is a novel with several historical sections  following the novel. It was written by Dr. Bob Boan. This book is set in the second half of the Sixties in rural NC. It is the story of a group teens and adolescences striving to stave off maturity and its accompanying set of responsibilities.


 AGAINST THE BACKDROP of the sociopolitical change of the Sixties, some of the youth of small, nurturing St. Umblers, North Carolina started looking for ways to have fun as a diversion. On the front line of that search were Dion, Tea and Cosmo. Those three were far from being musketeers. Nature points the limbs of a tree in different directions in order for them to succeed. So were those three inclined.

Dion, the consummate gentleman, was driven to contribute as a scientist. He was the most accomplished shagger. Tea never wore a watch. A watch would not have mattered; he was going to be late. Time was just a vague concept to him. Tea was all about meeting and talking to people. Cosmo was the romantic. He was out to lose his virginity. He was also the comic.

In 1965, Reese introduced them to Williams Lake. They recruited others from St. Umblers for future trips. Over the next few years, they had adventures and misadventures centered on the Williams Lake Pavilion. Those who frequented Williams Lake were drawn by the opposite sex. The boys were looking for the fallen debutante. The girls searched for the secure playboy. They went to listen to the bands perform what was dubbed “Beach Music.” They went to dance the Shag.

Dion, Tea and Cosmo eventually expanded their search for fun and adventure. They began to explore other bastions of the Shag such as White Lake, Carolina Beach and Ocean Drive; however, “the Lake” remained a touchstone. By the end of the summer of 1968, the core of the St. Umblers group began to succumb to the responsibilities that come with age pursuing separate paths.

Brief histories of Williams Lake, Beach Music and the Shag as well as biographic sketches of the entertainers named in their story are provided in addition to the group's adventures.

What people are saying about Williams Lake Was Once The Center Of The Universe:

I get a lot more pleasure from talking about Williams Lake now than I got from it then.”
Robert Honeycutt, Williams Lake operator 1965 – 1969

In addition to telling stories about his characters, the author provides us with brief histories of Williams Lake, some of the bands that performed there during the 60's and their brand of Beach Music; it is a journey down a path that provides the reader with an opportunity to revisit the adventurer in each of us.

Christopher Biehler, president Forevermore Records


Bob takes me back in the day to a time when I felt invincible.

Robert Jacobs II, 25-year professional shagger and National Champion in 1988; actor in Shag: The Movie

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